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Free WIFI / VOIP calls using your Android device by a free hosted SIP server.

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

This video will show you how to make calls using your WIFI through your home network or public hotspot, it will also show you how to make a call through your 3g (data connection) and bypass your Mobile carriers voice network. This is a perfect solution for people who have a no or little coverage in their homes or apartment! If you live outside the US This link provides a workaround for GoogleTalk. Step 1. Go to Android Market and download Google Voice. Step 2. Go to the web and log on to your Google Voice count and make sure you enable googlechat. Step 3. Go to Android Market and download SipDroid. Clink the button that links your Pbxes to your Google Voice. Step 4. Once you do step 3 , SipDroid would have created a Pbxes account and linked it to your Google Voice account. Now you will need to extract your some info (SIP credentials) You will need your Username,Password, and Server. Remember this info. Step 5. Un-install SipDroid Step 6. Now we need to log on into our Pbxes account. Go to . You will now need to enter in your Username and Password which you obtained from SipDroid before you un-installed it. Step 7. Go to the left column and click on, “Personal”. Input your all your information, make sure you do this or Pbxes will delete your account. Now go to the left column again and click on, “Extensions” and chose “Sipdroid200”. All you really have to do on this page is just re-enter your password. Make sure you enter your GoogleVoice

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