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Computex 2010: Pick Up Your SIM Card at the Airport

Monday, January 9th, 2012 Flying in For Computex? If you are lucky enough to fly in during business hours you can pick up your 3G pre-paid SIM card right at the Airport. Most of you international travelers will be flying into terminal 2, just go up the departures and you’ll see the My Phone booth. In the video you’ll see exactly what it looks like. Now the booth was closed when I flew out, so I can’t recall how much it was for the SIM, but for Data you can have 1, 3 or 5 days of unlimited data. Since you’re coming to Computex you’ll want the 5 days of Data, that’ll run you 350NT, or USD. I day was 0 and if memory serves me right 3 days was about 300NT. Now, I do have to stress that this is my network and I live in Taiwan, so this is a real public service announcement that I’m letting you know who does the best deal for pre-paid 3G. It was quicker then Far East Tone, but who knows now that I’m tipping everyone off! 😉 As payment for this public service you should all be sure to report back regularly and check out our Computex Coverage. Netbook News will be in full effect with Sascha Pallenberg, Jon Norris, Johannes Knapp ( and Terry Kuan who helping out as our full time video editor!