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Aids Came From a Gay Man’s Toilet

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Please help with the ratings on this one. When people search for Atlah Ministries or for Dr James David Manning, I want this video to show up near the top. Your ratings can help with that. You got to see this guy dressed all in pink, in front of the pulpit. No photoshop I swear! This video goldmine of lulz was originally found by who has a talent for finding the biggest nutters on the internets. When he uploaded it however, the video was flagged for hate speech. If you enjoy laughing at goofballs like this, check out his channel. You can read any of the passages quoted from the Bible here at Bible Gateway Their home page is here and you can read the Bible in any language you speak. In addition it is a great source for commentaries to help explain the passages. Learn more about the Unforgivable sin here The Centers For Disease Control says that Aids is non-transferable between humans and pets Read about the risk of monkey aids from consuming primate bushmeat Learn how to make a balloon ghost from Don Caldwell Learn how to make all of MY balloon figures here

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