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Twisted Search Ep. 11

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

One of my favorite episodes =P Read if you’re CONFUSED about this episode or for SONG TITLES x_x Okay! I’ll clear up parts of the story that some people are not exactly getting. Well, I’m just going to start off by saying that this Episode is based MOSTLY on Vin’s past memories. This episode starts off with the king (hydraavenger) telling Vin that he, the king will be marrying a woman (cinnamonhead), also known as the princess’s (Americaz) mother. At this point, Vin’s real mother has already past away and Vin denies this woman (cinnamonhead) to be his mother. One of the next flashback scenes shows Vin’s father dying. At his father’s death, Vin promises to fulfill his father’s last wish, to rule as a good ruler. However, this wish was complicated by the woman that the king previously married (cinnamonhead). She denies Vin’s right to the throne and kicks him out so she and her daughter could rule in the dead king’s place. At the end of the episode, Vin decides whether or not to get rid of Jane (yes, his supposingly step-sister), to fulfill his father’s last wish. ****THE EVIL QUEEN (cinnamonhead) IS DEAD**** Hopefully, the people who were “clueless” gets it more after reading this description oo Oh, and those asking for the names to the songs used in this episode, here it is in order from which they appear: 1)Linkin Park-Faint (Piano instrumental) 2)Eiffel 65- I’m Blue 3)ATC- Mistake No.2 [My longest description, EVER] PS There will be THIRTEEN episodes to

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