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Should the government implement this system?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

I think that it might be wise to design and implement a chip in citizens of a country by the government for several reasons. Before any of you makes wild Big Brother comments, allow me to explain a few things.

The tiny microchip, embedded deep into the body and visible only by government and emergency personnel, will be powered internally by the human body itself. It would also be equipped with GPS capabilities available accessible only to said personnel.

For a start, the chip could be useful for EMS. How many times have we heard on the news about how someone with subtle signs of illness is fine during the day until found expired the next morning? By locating the chip into a vital, but not too close to be dangerous, area the chip automatically monitors and records activities of vital organs and systems, and reports to EMS immediately if the critical medical parameters set on the chip has been exceeded, in the case of a medical emergency. With GPS system in place, paramedics will be relieved at the ease in locating the victim in distress, and we wouldn’t feel so much pain and regret if such an incident arises in someone we care about.

Given the GPS capabilities, it would make shorter work of search and rescue as personnel could track and locate missing persons with much less difficulty, following the aftermath of a camping mishap, a plane crash, or even a natural disaster. The chances of survival after a major disaster decreases quickly over time, so this would maximize the number of survivors. Firefighters searching for trapped persons would not need to stay in the fire and smoke for so long, meaning more time could be spared for removing victims from danger. This, of course, is a double benefit for the victims and firefighters.

To a certain extent, police work would be made easier. By configuring the chip to send distress signals when a victim reacts to criminal activities (acting forces on the body, foreign objects, electrical activity, temperature, pulse, blood pressure etc), it would be a valuable asset to police officers when an emergency situation (crimes in progress, abduction, etc) arises. Criminals might think about cutting off the chip, but it would come to no avail, and any tampering would be detected and subsequently reported in the signals.

Of course, the uses are not limited to emergency situations. This chip could be used for statistical and other purposes that can be very helpful for the government.

It probably won’t be a foolproof method, but surely it would help in a variety of important situations. I think that it would benefit everybody at the end.

Putting cost aside for now, what do you think of this idea?
It’s for the citizen’s own good, really, unless they think that being rescued quicker isn’t the way to go. No, it’s not leading the nation to a more policed state, but merely getting the police to where they’re desperately needed. And quickly, too.

"Mark of the beast" …lol!! It may seem awkward in the introduction phase, but when everyone has it, it’s not a problem is it? And it’s essentially undetectable to the majority of the human population without advanced equipment.
How am I gonna’ make this clearer. Nobody is watching anyone; the chip is essentially transient and "idle" (well, recording medical data and on standby re: location) unless an emergency is taking place. Read the details, I didn’t type the damn thing in the first place for nothing.
Why is everyone so paranoid?

I hope I could do with this one last time, there is a vast difference between said microchip and the "mark of the beast".

The former is undetectable by any and all of us: it’s integrated so deep into us it’s impossible for us to see or find, nobody knows where it is except for the emergency personnel, whereupon it is used for legitimate purposes as described in the examples I outlined. The latter is what you tattoo someone with to mark them as evil. There’s nothing evil about the microchip, nothing bad. It’s there so when one fateful day you get buried alive under a collapsed building or such, rescuers can pull you out and save you.

About the government, he can’t do anything to you despite whatever you might think. The tracking can only be done via emergency personnel. For those who are skeptical, there will be that fateful day when you will thank the idea as you see the light of the S&R team thru the gaps between the rubble.
porquemoi, wtf? Nobody is losing any freedom here; if nothing else you’ll be getting more freedom than you currently have. There weren’t any restrictions and there won’t be, either, it’s all about helping those in need.

About Obama, that debate about his presidency is a huge can of worms we don’t want to open.
I don’t think it’ll be as extreme as such. Sure, people would think of it as the mark of the beast, but who will it ultimately benefit?

I’m getting tired of repeating myself, see above details re: mark of the beast. The microchip will be INVISIBLE to all. It doesn’t have 666 on it, unless your heartrate is at 666 bpm (oh no!). It updates first responders on your positional information (e.g. closest EMS or police from YOU) and medical details.

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