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Missing International – Please Help Us

Monday, November 21st, 2011 We are a International organisation that helps find missing people from around the world 100% free of charge. We love helping to find and reunite people worldwide. The internet has made the world a smaller place and we have the international contacts to find people from just about everywhere in the world. If you know somebody who is missing and want us to help find them for you please fill in a Missing Form with all the persons details and if possible photos. Social networking sites have given us a strong platform for finding missing people and is our greatest tool. Along with the good hearted caring people who help us to find loved ones who have disappeared. We never ask for money just the help of volunteers. We are looking for people from everywhere in the world to join our large network and help find missing people worldwide. If you would like to get involved please send us a Volunteer Form. The more people we have helping out the better and more chances of success. Thank you. For all those people searching for loved ones please keep hope.