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textPlus, free SMS MMS Group texting, real phone number, iPad / iPad 2 / iPhone / iPod Touch HD

Friday, February 24th, 2012 textPlus, free SMS MMS texting, real phone number, group texting, iPad / iPad 2 / iPhone / iPod Touch HD Description #1 FREE TEXTING APP FOR 1 to 1, 3-WAY OR GROUPS, NOW WITH PHONE NUMBERS FOR IPOD TOUCH, IPHONE & IPAD Chill, Chat & Hangout – Chat with friends one-to-one or in a group. Or, drop into a Community where people are sharing pics and talking about everything right NOW! Tap on a Profile Pic to meet someone new and chat one to one. FREE TEXTING FEATURES! ★ Send and receive unlimited FREE texts – uses WiFi, 3G or Edge ★ Phone Numbers – for people to text you at ★ Send pictures – even from your iPod touch (Friends not on textPlus 4 will receive a link) ★ 1 to 1 or 3+ way texting – add a friend to the conversation, everyone sees all the replies, even if they don’t have the app ★ Communities — Super groups you can name & save ★ Supports Push Notifications ★ App-to-app messaging anywhere in the world ★ SMS within the US & Canada – even if your friends don’t have the app FREE PHONE NUMBERS! ★ iPhone users – get a second number to give out just for texting! ★ iPod touch users – so friends can text you first! ★ Go Premium and pick your own Area Code & number – for less than the cost of a latte! ★ Phone numbers are for US only and only work with other 10 digit US phone numbers FIND FRIENDS, MEET NEW PEOPLE ★ People Tab – Find your friends who already use textPlus ★ Find People – Tap “People” and Search. Who knows who you’ll find! ★ Meet