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Did You Know Your Cell Phone Has a Name? Facebook Trick

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

More information: Hey guys check this out! Did you know your CELL PHONE has a name? Try this: 1st step: from your mobile number, take the last 3 numbers. Example- 780-496-9684 , take “684″ only 2nd step: Write this @*[684:0] in the comment box below, replacing the 3 numbers with your own. … 3rd step: remove the * sign and press enter in the comment box!!

text messages to my mobile telephone?

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

I have my yahoo set to send offline messages to my mobile number. for 5 text this morning i received 225 text messages. and i will be charged for them. this problem needs to be corrected.

How much should you realistically pay a private detective to locate a person with the following information?

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I’m having trouble locating someone I had done business with to deliver an important document and message. The message needs to be delivered to this person in real life, not via the Internet or email, and not via postal mail. It needs to be signed in order to make sure it is received. The challenge is that this individual was somewhat a private person, and I do not know too many people who associated with this individual in real life. This individual does not have an online presence, and when I say online presence, they do not typically use any online social sites, and for the one they did use, they have not logged on in months. I honestly do not know if this individual is dead or alive, but I was notified that this person has passed away.

I have the following information on the individual:

– 1 old mobile number and one current number (voicemail is filled up, and they never pick up when I call)
– IP Address (from logging into my website)
– 3 old email addresses (does not respond to email)
– 2 old snail mail addresses (does not live at these addresses)
– 1 website domain (keeps information on "whois" search private)

I know other information, like the last place this person was seen, the last time I spoke to this person on the phone, and the last hotel they stayed at with the dates. I found some other information from online public records services, but these addresses are outdated and I’ve been told. I am researching private investigators, but they all seem expensive. How can I find someone who is reliable in order to help me solve this mystery about the whereabouts of this missing person?Private investigators looking to charge me hundreds of dollars for this location service. Can you really find the location of someone? I am wondering if there is anyone who can assist with this location for a low cost, without spending a lot to find a person.

What is the cheapest voip rate to call a UK (Isle of Man) mobile number? And which voip service?

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

The prefix is +447624 for this mobile number.
Any idea how can I call this number via voip that is going to give me the biggest savings? Thanks.

Address lookup using mobile phone number in Jakarta?

Friday, April 30th, 2010

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