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Mount and Musket Public NA Linebattle with the 2e Grenadiers & 2e Chasseurs

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

If you want to join the 1ste Flankeur Bataljon and participate in multiple linebattles a week as well as be commanded bye Frederickson (the guy commanding in this video) fill out this application and take a look at the thread. The Commanders Steam Profile name is Myth4562 friend him if you are interested in enlisting. Thread: Mount and Musket Download Link: Mount and Musket Battalion is a multi-player total conversion mod for Mount and Blade: Warband that tries to accurately represent the time period around the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1812-1815). It has historical factions with accurate units and equipment, including different types of infantry, cavalry and even usable artillery.

Samsung Monte Android Skin/Mod/Patch – watch in 480p high quality! Instructions in description!

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

My Galaxy S : First you need to put on S5620XEJE1. VERY MPORTANT IF YOU WANT YOUR PHONE TO WORK AT ALL. Not proper firmware+android mod results that phone can’t start(boot). this description is translated from hungarian. PS: I do NOT take any responsibility if you mess it up. If you’re not sure, don’t even start!!! I AM NOT A FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE SO DON’T BUG ME WITH THIS, I HAVE A JOB. BE CAREFUL IT’S A HACK, IT MAY LEAD TO MALFUCTION AND/OR LOSS OF WARRANTY!!! YOU CANNOT MESS UP YOUR PHONE’S HARDWARE ONLY THE SOFTWARE! SO IF YOU MIX SOMETHING WITH FIRMWARE, you don’t have to take it to service, just TRY AGAIN carefully. To check which firmware you have, type: *#1234#, if not S5620XEJE1 then put on, I won’t help if somebody skips firmware. S5620XEJE1 firmware: multiloader: android mod & ENGLISH language patch: samsung usb driver: KIES is not needed As for the upgrade, you need: – ORIGINAL Samsung S5620 Samsung USB Cable – Installed Samsung USB driver on the machine or Samsung Kies program – MultiLoader flash program – Firmware The update process: – Charge the battery – Save all your personal stuff from your phone – Take out the SIM card and memory card – Check your SIM LOCK (not equal to the network lock), you enter the main screen: * # 7465625 # (need to scroll down the pop-up menu to see) – If you have written to ON, then turn off the security settings menu – Make a reset, home

Dirt Bike Running From The Cops

Friday, December 30th, 2011

PlEaSe Subscribe ! and Like ,Comment its FREE New Videos Coming Soon Share with Friends And family And see What They have To say ☺ Dirt Bike runs from police This Happened at 12/9/2010 I was just minding my own business when an cop decides to inter fear with my weekly dirt bike ride at the park Im on a 2004 Honda CRF450 Let me know if you should have went after me or not ! I got this video from the police station ! its called public records and it your right to see and keep your video ! Did i get caught that’s for you to figure out 😀 Thanks for watching

Skype (VoIP) – Persistent Cross Site Vulnerability (Zero-Day) 2011

Monday, August 1st, 2011

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tracfone prepaid phone hack! convert your cards credit value

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

this will make a 30 min card a 1000 min card please wait up to 24 hours to redeem your card and give time for the packet to modify your card details… DOWNLOAD: VIRUS SCAN: i didnt make the program i just simply made a video for it im not responsible for any use of the program, i am not liable for any use or abuse of the program

First Look Reviews: Toshiba TG01 Touchscreen Mobile Phone

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

First look at the Toshiba TG-01 touchscreen handset! It’s not in shops until summer but went along to the launch event to get our hands on this potential iPhone rival first and see what it’s swish 3D GUI and 1Ghz processor was like.