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Is there a way to check for open bank accounts in my name?

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

A family member may have secretly set up a bank account in my name recently. Is it possible to search U.S. accounts by SSN and name to see which bank may have my money?
More details, my grandmother has Alzheimer’s and a lot of money. My family is rushing to make her "incompetent" so they can have access to her money (power of attorney in this case is the ring leader). My grandmother set aside 0K for my grad school so they would not know (thus, putting an account in my name). My family has disconnected my grandma’s phone number so I’m unable to get in contact to verify whether she set aside money. This is why I need to know if I can research U.S. accounts to find out which bank in Southern California may have an account under my name.