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Samsung Monte Android Skin/Mod/Patch – watch in 480p high quality! Instructions in description!

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

My Galaxy S : First you need to put on S5620XEJE1. VERY MPORTANT IF YOU WANT YOUR PHONE TO WORK AT ALL. Not proper firmware+android mod results that phone can’t start(boot). this description is translated from hungarian. PS: I do NOT take any responsibility if you mess it up. If you’re not sure, don’t even start!!! I AM NOT A FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE SO DON’T BUG ME WITH THIS, I HAVE A JOB. BE CAREFUL IT’S A HACK, IT MAY LEAD TO MALFUCTION AND/OR LOSS OF WARRANTY!!! YOU CANNOT MESS UP YOUR PHONE’S HARDWARE ONLY THE SOFTWARE! SO IF YOU MIX SOMETHING WITH FIRMWARE, you don’t have to take it to service, just TRY AGAIN carefully. To check which firmware you have, type: *#1234#, if not S5620XEJE1 then put on, I won’t help if somebody skips firmware. S5620XEJE1 firmware: multiloader: android mod & ENGLISH language patch: samsung usb driver: KIES is not needed As for the upgrade, you need: – ORIGINAL Samsung S5620 Samsung USB Cable – Installed Samsung USB driver on the machine or Samsung Kies program – MultiLoader flash program – Firmware The update process: – Charge the battery – Save all your personal stuff from your phone – Take out the SIM card and memory card – Check your SIM LOCK (not equal to the network lock), you enter the main screen: * # 7465625 # (need to scroll down the pop-up menu to see) – If you have written to ON, then turn off the security settings menu – Make a reset, home

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