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Verifying SSN's?

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Okay I got a really strange condition from an Underwriter. It said need further verification of applicant, copy of SSN. That part was normal. But the underwriter said SSNVS is acceptable. Social Security Number Verification System.

Ive actually used this system before. Now my understanding is only employeers can pull this information for that reason only. I looked it up on Social Securities website and it says the same thing. I did a google search and actually found companies that offer this exact service to lenders.

I called on and they said we are registered to pull it. I said for mortgage lenders? they said that is our biggest business.

Has anybody ran into this before or am I just paranoid. To me it cant be used for that.

Thoughts, Ideas, anything?
yeah Mazzati.. Thanks for your response.

We have hawk alerts. We can verify if its a real social security number and the year it was issued ect.

Im talking about the SSNVS where you verify the name on the SSN directy with social security. I clearly have all other options.

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