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The Switch is On. Are You Keeping Up?

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

There’s nothing static about mobile: Networks evolve. Customers demand. Traffic multiplies. Applications compete. With a surge in global demand for mobile services, operators are challenged to be first to market with compelling applications while building high capacity networks that support billions of end devices. Are You Keeping Up? Customers Consumers are more demanding than ever. Immerse them in multimedia today. Competition OTT providers eating your revenue? Hit back with unique, branded applications. Standards RCS unifies and empowers global operators. How quickly can you comply? Traffic 4G, VoLTE and MMTEL are driving the need for a new breed of SBC Metaswitch is back on the Avenue (80/81) at Mobile World Congress 2012. Join us for a showcase of rich communication services, a unique approach to session border control and a comprehensive range of RCS/RCSe and network infrastructure products. For more information please visit:

NET10 LG900G Prepaid Phone Bonus Pack Unboxing

Monday, December 5th, 2011

I got it from Walmart for .54, and then about for shipping and taxes, which made the grand total of around . For only , you get the phone, the car charger, the headset, and the 4GB microSD card! It’s a hell of a deal, and I just couldn’t pass that up! 😀 I already have a NET10 phone, so I’m replacing the old one with this one. From a few hours of playing around with it, I think it’s really nice! After adjusting the settings to my liking, everything was good! It’s got a 2MP camera, an FM radio tuner, Java app support, multitasking, and all the multimedia functions you need. It’s a really good phone for the deal, if NET10 is a good provider in your area, get this! But hurry, I don’t know how much longer Walmart is putting this up for sale. NET10 Retail Price: .99 [Plus some tax and shipping charges, not including all the freebies!] Walmart’s Price to Date For My Purchase: .54 [Plus some tax and shipping charges, includes car charger, headset, and 4GB microSD card]

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