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BF3 – ★Support Class Gameplay★(MG36 Holo,Extended,Foregrip) + C4 (Tank Ownage) (Teamwork, VOIP)

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Playing support class using the MG36 and C4 on Caspian Border. Communicating through VOIP for more effective teamwork. Kit Load Out: MG36 (Holographic Sight, Foregrip, Extended Mag) M1911 – Pistol AMMO box C4 – 2nd slot Suppression – Specialization Key to the support class is feeding your team with ammo!! Not enough players do this. Also spotting of course. With the support spotting is very important because at long range you have a very small chance of killing your target and it is better to let your team mates help you. [ME]BozotheCat [ME]Kingbuns TAGs: Bf3 “Battlefield 3” Battlefield Battlefeild Battelfield Support Class MG36 C4 “Extended Mag” Foregrip “Holographic Sight” Suppression Supression Perk Specialization Tank Kill Kills Explosion Ownage Epic Amazing Cool Good Best Gameplay teamplay teamwork “this week” moderneditors “Modern Editors” VOIP Mic owning epic squad revive ammo tips tricks help guide lol nice owned noob fail LMG pistol bipod “caspian border” caspian grenade nade PC XBOX 360 PS3

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