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Hartmann: Is your cell phone spying on you?

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Amie Stepanovich, National Security Council-Epic joins Thom Hartmann. You might want to think twice about what you search for on the Internet and who you send a text message to on your new smartphone. That’s because a piece of software – known as “Carrier IQ” – was recently discovered buried deep within millions of cell phones – including Nokia, Android, and RIM devices – that is tracking everything you type. A 25-year-old systems administrator in Connecticut named Trevor Eckhart discovered the existence of Carrier IQ while working on his HTC Evo phone. The software logs each keystroke a person makes, along with the person’s location, and other data – and then sends the information back to Carrier IQ headquarters. As for what they do with the personal information…who knows?