The Evolution of Mobile Phones 1985 – Today

Evolution des téléphones portables.

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    23 Responses to “The Evolution of Mobile Phones 1985 – Today”

    1. I have no name Says:

      retard who? me? no no no you wrong whoever answers in my questions is a
      retard να πας να γαμηθεις ρε μαλακα

    2. KenniCrazy Says:

      read the date when this video was uploaded, dumbass

    3. I have no name Says:

      i have an idea i will spam on your video is it a good idea?? 😛

    4. I have no name Says:

      to ksero re ke boro na sto apodikso afou i aggloi ekanan apikies stin
      afriki logiko ine na miloun agglika ! 🙂 ke signomi pou se apokalesa

    5. Το Μάτι Says:

      Του 2008 είναι το βίντεο μαν.

    6. TheNazar110 Says:

      2:07 haha mein schöner alter Nokia n81 mit Stereo Lautsprecher man wie
      immer damit früher angegeben habe

    7. ShaunsBlogs Says:

      look at the date dumbass

    8. ShaunsBlogs Says:

      ok ur obviously an over-dramatic person. you cant say “stop calling me
      dumbass” if i only called you it the one time. also why would youtube
      delete my account just because I called you a dumbass? im pretty sure that
      more harsh things happen on this site man.

    9. heroicevil Says:

      1:08 BEST PHONE EVER

    10. Kevin Diener Says:

      Um, no apple until 2007…

    11. Funnypepz100 Says:

      They forgot to add iPhone 5 and Samsung GS3 into the future

    12. TheBcoolGuy Says:

      1:14 WTF

    13. xILOVEMUSIKx Says:

      I will say what will come in the Future . First a Touchphone with flexible
      Display .Than a Touchphone where in Display can appear keyboard . And than
      A touchphone wich has a hologram beamer . And Finaly A Phone Chip , wich
      will they implant in your brain , so you neednt a phone anymore 🙂

    14. Mobilmúzeum Régi Says:

      Nokia 1610 for ever!!!!!

    15. Siân Allen Says:

      1:27 was my first phone, but i used my dad’s early 90’s brick as a toy. i
      now have a blackberry 9300, but i still have my nokia supernova 7310 for

    16. johneygd Says:

      iPhone is the future.

    17. Maribel Martinez Says:

      Future Shock-Alvin Toffler

    18. Euronics Lietuva Says:

      Šiandieniniame pasaulyje jau tapo įprasta vis dažniau susidurti su naujomis
      telekomunikacinėmis naujovėmis.
      Ar kada susimąstėte apie mobiliųjų telefonų raidos istoriją?
      The Evolution of Mobile Phones 1985 – Today

    19. Nicolas Fredriksen Says:

      29 år med mobiltelefoner. Her en hyldest til historiens største hits.

    20. Anita Laska Says:

      The evolution of mobile phones

    21. Mauricio Huaman Says:

      Nokia 6510 will always be indestructible

    22. Mauricio Huaman Says:

      2007 – today?

    23. Alexander Ferre Says:

      In the next week Iphone 6 will be introduced 

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