The Evolution Of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones… This video was made for a school project of mine on the history and future of the cell phone, I have the full version ready for upload if an…

18 Responses to “The Evolution Of Mobile Phones”

  1. tirtharaj pant Says:

    great video and xhorxh ji…very informational.

  2. Pizzah Mann Says:

    Awesome vid brah.. saw this on Reddit. :)

  3. kuba r Says:


  4. Juan Godoy Says:

    Full version, please!! This is amazing!

  5. Stella Lee Says:

    Amazing video !!! Will totally use this in my coming presentation :D

  6. Kostas Voulgaris Says:

    Great Video!!! Could I see the ful version as well please?

  7. WhatTheRockInc Says:

    Were/are phones like lg pop and samsung s5230 star and samsung rex 80
    smartphones or proto-smartphones?

  8. Theresa Reid Says:

    I agree with Juan, full version please!

  9. Dorothy Sykes Says:

    full version please

  10. Imanol Kutch Says:

    My mom had the Nokia 6110 very sturdy and durable battery phone.

  11. Albert Tam Says:

    Where’s the 5C?
    Also, I don’t see a future :/

  12. Sadhu Koushik Says:

    gud one … keep them comming,, i wish you could also add the motorola
    slivr line models.

  13. One Stop Wireless Says:

    The Evolution Of Mobile Phones: vía @YouTube

  14. chiruscda Says:

    Galaxy S2 kicked ass when it came out! Still one of the best designs in my

  15. julio tejeda Says:

    You saw that people no galaxy or Windows phone before iPhone or any wide
    screen phone


    WoW! From Bulky to palm size and now foldable! crazy tech :)


    Nokia phones change everything!

  18. rockNroll Says:

    Watching on an iPhone 6. Developments moving so fast

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