Top 10 Mobile Phones 2013 (so far)

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22 Responses to “Top 10 Mobile Phones 2013 (so far)”

  1. The imploding Pizza Says:

    iPhone 5 should be first

  2. Balogh Ludovit Says:

    this is crazy

  3. Mohammad Saif Says:

    Where is Nokia lumio

  4. Mauricio Cortez Says:

    I have a Galaxy S3 mini 

  5. Stigy 458 Says:

    Iphone is rubbish they are Always the same where is nexus 5

  6. killercreeper324 Says:

    where is huawei ascend p6??

  7. paANGELOW Says:

    Srsly… Iphone 5 must take 1st place and 2nd must take galaxy s4

  8. Get Tough Says:

    Ieiiii!!! My telephon is 1!!!! Smg glaxy S3 :)

  9. FERNANDO Barros Says:

    Muito. Bom mesmo. 

  10. halotrapz 4 Says:

    Nice vid

  11. halotrapz 4 Says:

    I have samsung galaxy htc x plus and iPhone 5

  12. Aliko X-ov Says:


  13. lIsinIl Says:

    Im on my s4 and It’s a beast!!!

  14. Robert Kinyanjui Says:

    how can you rate Xperia z to be less than Lg Optimus? Lg hangs alot. I
    disagree with the countdown.

  15. Randy Taker Says:

    S4 will always be better than iphone 5

  16. mario lopez Says:

    Where is the LG g2?

  17. Faiyaz the gamer Says:

    I can not believe htc is even there at all

  18. Po0pdaho0p Says:

    black berry oh god why

  19. orthant Says:

    htC is good, but they don’t know how to sell phones– they are too humble.

  20. baljeet singh Says:

    New Samsung galaxy grand 2 is nice and good

  21. Asi Türk!!!! Says:

    nokia lumia 920 ???

  22. Lewis McGeachin Says:

    This was posted on my bday

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