Top 5 Upcoming Phones of 2014!

Here is a list I made of my Top 5 upcoming phones of 2014! I hope you guys enjoy! If you did please thumbs up and subscribe!

27 Responses to “Top 5 Upcoming Phones of 2014!”

  1. David Boström Says:

    samsung is just amazing :)

  2. Aiden Binghamm Says:

    I wish apple would do a redesign a larger 4.7 in. Screen full hd with
    atleast a 2.0 ghz processor than I will be happy to spend my 200$ (I bought
    5s as an impulse buy)

  3. Sterling Maxwell Says:

    5. Samsung Galaxy S5
    4. Sony Xperia Z2
    3. HTC One M8
    2. Google Nexus 5 (2014)
    1. LG G3

  4. Sam Richer Says:

    We’ll more had than the samsung QHD tv

  5. Mohammed .a. Says:

    sumsung is best it said sumsung 6 will be as thin as a paper :0

  6. MLGTroy1 Says:

    the cell phone im working on has everything all these phones have plus alot
    more check it out at

  7. Jakob Warren Says:

    samsung suks

  8. Daanyaal Mullah Says:

    Nice vid u got a sub

  9. Denny kurniawan Says:

    Why plastic toy (galaxy) is here godammit all phones are good except this
    one Hope SONY will make another phone just hope z4 or z3 SONY CARE

  10. makethekill111 Says:

    NOTE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hminga hauhnar Says:

    i wish i can have iphone6 God help me when it announced i want to have it.

  12. Maša Stanojević Says:

    Samsung Galaxy S5 is already out!!

  13. izri1 Says:

    I don’t know where you got the designs in your video from, but they look
    amazing in comparison to the real designs of the phones in matter.
    Onfortunately we know that the brands are not going to make those phones so
    amazingly looking. The galaxy s5 doesn’t look bad but not as good as shown
    in your video. Same goes for the HTC m8 and the Nokia Lumia.

  14. HS MonZy Says:

    xiomi mi4 should mentioned

  15. Damien Wilson Says:

    iphone 6plus is awesome but it’s camera is still not a top notch!

  16. Turtle4games Says:

    Iphone 6 plus

  17. Mohammed Mamun Rashid Says:

    i wld love to have sony. bcoz sony is best. 

  18. errol23dotcom Says:

    Note 4>Xperia Z3>LG G3

  19. James Stierwalt Says:

    Note 4 bro!

  20. Ambrogio Spinelli Says:

    Appe is an immoral company! you are accomplices.

  21. Everardo Medrano Says:

    Y que de la Galaxy Note 4?

  22. Mao Nut Says:
  23. ArJuN AJ Says:

    each of these devices have been disappointments. The only phone which made
    me go WOW was the onePlus One and the htc M8( but the camera isn’t yet upto
    maybe nexus 6 ?

  24. Blue Coaster33 Says:

    The Birch of the Shadow

    I think there may become a couple duplicates, but an exceedingly helpful list! I’ve tweeted this. A lot of thanks for sharing!

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