Unclaimed Money Found From Deceased Relatives; Could You Be Owed Cash?

West Virginia woman gets nearly 000 in unclaimed funds left by her mom. For more on this story, click here: http://ABCNews.com/Business/cash-unclaimed-mo…

6 Responses to “Unclaimed Money Found From Deceased Relatives; Could You Be Owed Cash?”

  1. Gaba Munoz Says:


  2. Dave Hetfield Says:

    The song played in the background is Money by Pink Floyd

  3. Tom H Says:

    i thot that was gunna be a million or more wut is this

  4. frymastermeat Says:


  5. eddiekoski Says:

    yea go vacation and make all that money leave Virginia that is what he was
    thinking :'( blown

  6. bentleyboy58 Says:

    $14k? Lol 

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