Watch Dogs Walkthrough – ALL Missing Persons Locations

IGN shows you the location for all of the bodies in the Missing Persons investigation in Watch Dogs. For more investigations, collectibles and super-hacker g…

22 Responses to “Watch Dogs Walkthrough – ALL Missing Persons Locations”

  1. Andrew Walker Says:


  2. Matt Says:

    How much money is ubisoft paying you guys to promote this game Jesus Christ

  3. DBF Reviews Says:

    I found the lady by the lighthouse 17 minutes after the game released
    Eastern Standard Time. I’m pretty sure I may have been in the top 50 in
    America to find the lady first considering my side is the first to hit 12:00
    but I know I wasn’t in the top 50 or 100 in the world considering Europe
    got it before me -_-

  4. potage40 Says:

    why would you even need this guide, you can find it in your map

  5. SGT_HAM Says:

    so basically. Batman Arkham city + GTA.

  6. ChrisLandEverything Says:

    I choke myself while a jack off with a dildo in my ass, I sure hope Aiden
    doesn’t hack my dildo, then again, I might like it. ;)

  7. The true troller Says:

    Since iv’e completed the game i might do this later

  8. Nick De Vre Says:

    I have everything, the audiologs, bodies, but they don’t call me. 🙁 Can
    someone help me?

  9. Dylan Ludlow Says:

    He wont call me after i got all six?

  10. Iron Nomad Says:

    I found all of the bodies as well as the audio files but never received the
    phone call for the last mission in that side quest. I’m on the PS4 version.

  11. trenten thompson Says:

    so I have to wait until Act 3 in order to do the final missing person

  12. Jaro Games Says:

    And I cant scan the last body, Im on pc version.

  13. D77X Says:

    How to start first missing people mission ?

  14. Jim Jim Knight Says:

    i can’t find logo for three on xb1

  15. Hannah Gordavich Says:

    I never received call and I am on ps4 and I completed the campaign. If u
    can help please reply

  16. J. seppälä Says:

    I have all dead persons but I don’t get that phone call, why?

  17. Alexander PlaysGames Says:

    I didnt get the cal when I found #6.

  18. TheMasked Bunny Says:

    Looks like ps4 players dont get the phone call?

  19. Hunter Jones Says:

    I really love the game and all, but this was unbelievably anticlimactic
    unfortunately… The concept of tracking and catching a serial killer is
    one of my favorite activities that could be in a game, and it ended like
    every other stupid crime. They really couldn’t have some satisfying,
    emotional ending to this part?

  20. low res sonic Says:

    spoiler alert but that light house where you found the 6th dead body is
    also where you kill damian

  21. james penn Says:

    The third one isn’t there for me

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