What is the best web site for locating missing persons?

My sister went missing about 12 years ago. She had ran away a few times as a teen, and had moved away without contacting us a few times as an adult. She never went more than a year or so without contacting atleast one family member. It has been so long now since anyone has heard from her that the family fears she is dead. She had a history of drug abuse, and had been know to sell herself. The ugly truth is that she probably isn’t with us anymore, but we need closure. We know a few of the alias she used, and a few of the towns she was suppose to be seen in. The local police tell us that there isn’t much that can be done since they don’t have any current charges for her or any of her alias. Has anyone used a site like privateeye.com? Can someone tell me from experience what the best route would be?
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