What People Search On Google

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    22 Responses to “What People Search On Google”

    1. Clockwork Cyborg Says:

      like this comment if you love comedyshortsgamer

    2. ComedyShortsGamer Says:
    3. Burger stein Says:

      Like for ksi
      comment for deji
      ignore for gudjondaniel

    4. A&T VLOGS Says:

      Like if your watching in 2089

    5. Edward Spencer Says:

      Like for booty
      comment for tits
      subscribe for a chance to win xbox 1
      share for watching in 2015
      ignore for gudjon daniel

    6. idon'twantanything Says:

      “There is a man” before 1400y … who spoke about the Ozone Layer (Before
      that we discover it)!

      “there is a man” before 1400y … said: there is a small Insect living over
      the top of Mosquito
      (but A few years ago it was discovered by technology)!

      “there is a man” before 1400y … who said “the Sun and Moon will meet” and
      People accused him of madness!!
      “But NASA says:The moon will move closer to the sun and ends”

      “there is a man” before 1400y … said: The universe is composed of seven
      “the Scholars of this era says: The universe is composed of seven layers”

      “there is a man” before 1400y … said: “The moon will be divided into two
      parts after few” (This really happened and the people sees that!)
      “you can see the divide’s impact on the moon on google”

      but who is that “man” ? You might say that he was a magician? But the
      magicians says: he was did not deal with magic!!
      this man was a Shepherd, This man can’t write or reading
      yes, he Is the Prophet “Muhammad”,That you hear about him … “he was a
      criminal” or “he was a pedo” or he was a “lier”
      muhammad married his wife when she was 6 years old. but she stayed in her
      parents’ home until the age of 18
      he was smiling when speaking with a Jew or a Christian or an atheist, He
      was not calling for kill , Only to kill the killers
      please, you need to learn more about this “prophet”

    7. MrOwenHD1 Says:

      help me hit 3k plz bruh 

    8. Haidar Ramzy Subagyo Says:

      What so wrong about mastubating on Ramadan.. You can’t eat or drink.. What
      else are you supposed to do?

    9. Recardo Carlos Says:

      look at the url of this video……..


    10. Boomber863 Says:

      If you hit yourself and it hurts are you too weak or too strong?

    11. Rei Ayanami Says:

      Okay I followed you on twitter!!

    12. HoundsAttack Says:

      i typed in “ey” and the first thing that came up was “eye” now i know im
      being supersticious but isnt that illuminati confirmed??

    13. RuffMan Gaming Says:

      am i the only one who replayed the intro loads of times

    14. DarkDawgYT Says:

      Seriously!!!! No one commented about the beginning FHRITP interruption?!?!?!

      The frock?!

    15. ThePongoDongo Says:

      First 3 results:

      i don’t like how my boyfriend smells
      i don’t like how my boyfriend looks
      i don’t like how my boyfriend dresses


    16. xzz D3ADEYE zzx Says:

      YouTube has a new sound when you like a comment 

    17. yasser hassani Says:

      ramadan it’s a period of time that you have not to eat for a month

    18. shivan meijs Says:

      I looked for “why does my boyfriend…” and the first thing I got was “Why
      does my boyfriend like to eat me out?” xD

    19. minecraftia chick Says:

      I searched “why do Chinese people….” And it came up with THIS CRAZE WERE
      IT!!!! O_O 

    20. naheed hussain Says:

      Like for pewdiepie
      Comment for ksi
      Ignore for gudjondaniel

    21. xG3T PR0 N00Bx Says:

      I just found 1 reult and stopped i found why is my anus sore

    22. Blue Coaster33 Says:

      The Slave of the Husband

      Searching for ahead to learning added from you afterward!…

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