Whiteout Rush – The wonders of VOIP – Battlefield 4 Final Stand

Whiteout Rush for Battlefield 4 can be a lot of fun especially when you keep your VOIP on 😉

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  1. XfactorGaming Says:
  2. Freddy Medina Says:

    Are you going to put up for far cry series ?

  3. NotoriousANT24 Says:

    i wish they increase the tickets on rush on console i remember on bf3 you
    can increase tickets i played a 300 ticket % on rush but it was BF3

  4. Or-Nah Says:


  5. xKarotte Says:

    I really think I should upgrade my PC just for plaiying Battlefield 4…

  6. Elias Van Norman Says:

    Finding random people is always the best…but hard to do sometimes!
    Especially on a PS3 

  7. Juan José Arroyave Vélez Says:

    people, i don’t really understand what’s happening with the hit
    markers/reticles of the new update (nov18 or so). and also does it takes
    less bullets to kill someone? i’m confused, sorry for ignorance.

  8. Lythrox Says:

    Xfacotor, I am glad you game open, lots of people hide there identities and
    close doors to people. I however believe you should be more like some
    developers that we all know and walk with the people who enjoy their games.
    As I believe the ex-pro players should never be afraid to game casual.

    Sorry I haven’t been around as much, everyone. I have math to do.

  9. Dandre Urquhart Says:

    Hey can you guys open your hearts to give some money to Toy drive so they
    can give toy and gift to Kids that dont get ti Experience Christmass
    Please At least consider it if not Can you at least share this with others

  10. NikoxD93 Says:

    it’s cool that you are actually commentating the gameplay, nice video

  11. MMYUMMY Gaming Says:

    These maps are as bad for rush as pre-patch vanilla maps. >:(

  12. Notchocheese1234 Says:


  13. Chase Prosser Says:

    Yesterday, I was killed by a wookie on PS3 TDM Final Stand. 

  14. Reuben, Truman Hopper Says:

    What was so great about this voip guy?

  15. FreightTrain54 Says:

    hmmm…. I’ve never see so many team mates spotting…. it’s like the
    enemies are there automatically on the mini-map by magic perhaps…. hmmmmm

  16. TheFly212 Says:

    No one uses VOIP on consoles. No one. 

  17. Zhyar Sami Says:

    Does one knows what are the attachments on his mg4

  18. TheGarvito Says:

    Hey factor whats your settings for the minimap?

  19. thomas léonard Says:

    Final stand maps really suck for rush! Rush game has been completely left
    behind in bf4… What a shame!

  20. Trevor Wolf Says:

    What is your KD?? :o

  21. Dah Magpie Says:

    The one whole round of this map on Rush that I’ve played I just had to deal
    with your damn Wookies spamming UCAV… wasn’t all that fun >.<

  22. Love0wner Says:

    x do u have more evolve 4 us?

  23. United States of Nerd Says:

    And that’s why I have voip off.

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